Restorative Discipline Practices in Texas

Restorative Discipline Practices in Texas began in the fall of 2015. The Texas Education Agency partnered with the Institute for Restorative Justice and Restorative Dialogue at The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work to participate in a statewide roll out.

A grant provided training to ten of the twenty education service centers and to school districts in Texas. The first ten service centers were selected based on the number of African American males who were suspended from school districts within their regions. The training occurred in two parts. The first part included a two-day administrator readiness training, the second part a five-day coordinator training. The remaining ten service centers will receive the same training.

The goal is to plant the restorative discipline practices seeds across Texas. 1,400 administrators and 400 coordinators received training as of fall 2016.

The Seeing Circles video series below shows an example of a Restorative Circle, a type of Restorative Discipline practice. 

Part 1: History of Restorative Discipline Practices

Part 2: Setting the Tone and Norms

Part 3: Establishing Values

Part 4: Experiencing the Circle

Part 5: A Tool in the Toolbelt

Part 6: Building Relationships to Reduce Disciplinary Issues

Part 7: Closing the Circle